Cloud Network Service Comparison

    AWS, Azure and Google, all have similar or same services but how they work, and some of the functionality is different. This is part of an upcoming Mult-Cloud Networking and Security course.

    Network Service Comparison DNS and Network

    SpecialtyAWSAzureGoogle CloudNote:
    Virtual NetworkingVPCVirtual NetworkVPC NetworkBasic VLAN or Virtual Networking Environment
    NAT GatewayNAT GatewayVirtual Network NATCloud NATNetwork Address Translation
    Cross Network ConnectionVPN GatewayVPN GatewayVPC Network PeeringConnect two or more networks
    DNSRoute 53DNSCloud DNSDNS Services
    DNS RoutingRoute 53Traffic ManagerCloud DNS 
    Dedicated Private NetworkDirect ConnectExpress RouteCloud Interconnect/ Google Private AccessPeering or private connection between the cloud and a location (not internet connected)
    Layer 4 Load BalancingNetwork Load BalancerLoad BalancerLoad BalancerNetwork Load Balancing
    Layer 7 Load BalancingApplication Load BalancerApplication GatewayLoad BalancerApplication load balancing
    Route TablesCustom Route TableUser Defined RoutesRoutes Static RoutesPrivate static routes
    Private LinkPrivate LinkAzure Private LinkPrivate Service ConnectPrivate access to Cloud resources, keeps data on the cloud provider
    Private PaaSVPC EndpointsPrivate EndpointPrivate Service ConnectPrivate connectivity to PaaS resources
    Virtual Network PeeringVPC PeeringVNET PeeringGoogle Cloud VPC Network PeeringConnect 2 or more Virtual Networks
    CDNCloud FrontFront DoorCloud CDNContent Delivery Network
    Network MonitoringVPC Flow LogsAzure Network WatcherCloud MonitoringMonitor the Cloud Network
    Comparison of services for AWS, Azure and Google

    I’m still trying to get over the idea that Azure DNS does not support DNSSEC nor Zone Transfers. Read the documentation here: