How do we teach problem solving?

    Interesting 48 hours in a lifetime.

    From K-12 through bachelor’s I am a lot more lenient when it comes to problem solving. At those steps in life, we’re giving students the skills and background knowledge on how to solve problems so I’m not looking for perfection here, but I am looking for steady steps in progress of being able to address simple to more complex problems.

    I’m not so lenient when it comes to master’s or Doctoral level students when it comes to problem solving.


    It’s not working out well for me.

    So how do we teach complex problem solving?

    I’m sure there is a pile of academic literature on how to solve problems. But now we need to translate that to a course for the college crowd.

    Well at least there are full courses out there already on how to solve problems which is good, but being college courses it is locked content behind a paywall and people generally are not going to be exposed to that level of teaching.

    So I think I have a side quest for uDemy on problem solving.

    It’s been an interesting day.