Installing the AWS command line on an Apple Box using Homebrew

    Quite possibly one of the most fun things I’ve done. This is part of my AWS command line course on uDemy, and of course, installing the command line is a big part of it.

    I like this the most because I had errors, and often those errors are where we can come up with some clever ways of solving the problem.

    In general, it is really easy to do, but sometimes you will glitch out as well.

    Here are some steps to install the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI) on an Apple box using Homebrew:

    Open the Terminal application on your Mac.

    Install Homebrew by running the following command in the Terminal:

    /bin/bash -c “$(curl -fsSL”

    After Homebrew is installed, run the following command to update the Homebrew package list:

    brew update

    Once the package list is updated, run the following command to install the AWS CLI:

    brew install awscli

    Verify that the AWS CLI is installed by running the following command:

    aws –version

    You should see the version number of the AWS CLI that was installed.

    That’s it! You have successfully installed the AWS CLI on your Apple box using Homebrew. From here, you can start using the AWS CLI to manage your AWS resources directly from the command line.

    You can watch the video on YouTube here

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